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Unhealthily invested in fictional characters and they39re lives

Unhealthily invested in fictional characters and they39re lives


Still they did not lose hope. They even grew much stronger than before and fight for what rightfully was their (or for more greater cause ) .

Scooby Doo (

... to the cast, we also see that there's some scheming going on in the background. A handful of classmates who are (perhaps unhealthily) invested in Betty ...

Edit: As suggested by Quora User, I have decided to add this very accurate picture:

You know how life and real history are always more complex and fractal than fiction can manage? Delany manages it. He does the thing where his science ...

Everything starts with your thinking

Life's too Serious

Charles O'Carroll-Kelly is sent to prison, forcing Ross to finally stand on his own two feet. Illustration: Alan Clarke

nerd fitness book cover steve lamb

Grading Comic-Con's Biggest TV and Movie Trailers, Part 1 There are infant sacrifices going on in Betty Cooper's backyard because 'Riverdale' is officially ...

Warner Bros. Animation Who could forget the time Michael Caine posed as Gene Simmons?


... relationship is unhealthy and unsafe. Women who have spent years being controlled, manipulated and humiliated by their significant others are realizing ...

These #MondayMotivation Illustrations Are the Perfect Reminder to Love Your Body

Relationships are the keystone of every human being; we form them from birth and foster

The ...

The Yes Brain Child cover art

im an unhealthy mix of both

When should I purchase the unhealthy investments so that I can unlock all of the badges, megabucks and gold milestones without crippling the income from my ...

Give Thanks - Take time to think about everything you've been blessed with. When you are faced with challenges it's easy to only focus on your shortcomings ...

Call for blanket ban on companies using cartoon characters to promote unhealthy food to children

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We live amid the greatest bubble in human history. Illustration: Craig Stephens

Massive Health Analyzes 1/2 Million Meals to Understand Our Eating Habits [Infographics]

The Jungle Book (1967)

Why Cartoon Characters That are Used to Promote Unhealthy Foods to Kids Could be a Thing

Adapted from In Session: The Bond between Women and Their Therapists by Deborah A. Lott (W.H. Freeman, 1999)

From Archangel Michael: It's Time to Leave This Unhealthy Situation.

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I am too emotionally attached to fictional characters by FandomizedRose

persona q

Effects of Autism on Parents

Ever since that terrible night two years ago when his mother told him to run, he has lived alone on the streets of Boston, ...

The strange and brilliant fiction of Hilary Mantel | Books | The Guardian

Equal Rights, Unequal Opinions


Glory to mankind.


'scept the sword ain't comin' out of your chest, knowhuimsayin?

Well, I hope he never reads this, but I may have seen my husband sniffle and tear up over an episode of The Walking Dead after he lost his fictional pal, ...

MPs have called on cartoon characters to be banned from advertising unhealthy snacks.

Psychiatrist with patient

Cartoon animals like Tony the Tiger could become an endangered species

or as Calvin says it,

Pictured: That thing I just said, how sad my life is.

Ego can be cunning. Sometimes you don't even realize it's driving your behavior

Invest your energy into something that is going to contribute to your growth. #powerofpositivity

Creativity counts for a hell of a lot less than brand awareness.

J.K. Rowling cried over killing her own character.


... a professor of history at the University of Puget Sound, some of which will be used in my forthcoming book The Town I Live In: A History of Fullerton.


Unhealthily invested in fictional characters.

Greetings, social justice adventurers.1 ...

Be warned, though: he probably comes to life at night to build a Lego wall around your spice rack. Best not to put him next to Speedy Gonzales.

VRChat is a bizarre phenomenon that has Twitch, YouTube obsessed - Polygon

Jamie Oliver removes baking cartoon video after calling for ban on animated characters promoting unhealthy food

Living MindBodyGreen: 9 Questions for Jason Wachob

I, narcissist – vanity, social media, and the human condition | World news | The Guardian

Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Matthew wade varner this is to you.

Japanese Robots In Danger Of Being Replaced By Human Workers

paw patrol kittens


Powell's Staff 13 Favorite Books Of 2014

Light decorations are displayed as mid-autumn celebrations take place at dusk on Sept.

Why It's Healthy to Cry Over TV Shows

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Why Do I Get So Attached To TV Shows? According To Experts, What You're Feeling Is Totally Normal


Rachael Romero, San Francisco Poster Brigade Boycott Nestle, 1978 poster. Courtesy Inkworks Press Archive, Berkeley, CA

Good health, at core, is less a destination than life-enhancing journey. But if there is any clear path toward the promised land of healthy living, ...

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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in “Joy.”

The decision is the first of its kind in Europe, as part of a bid

A man reading a book

At the beginning of the book we hear about this man who has become a living legend; we hear about this man who is hero worshiped ...

Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury - I think about this book almost every day of my life. It's another one of those books that made me fall in love with ...

Image titled Stop Being Possessive About a Friend Step 8

How Tapping a Female Writer for the Harley Quinn Movie Changes 'Everything'

This is Hong Kong: no time for love, no interest in marriage and not enough men | South China Morning Post