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The Favourites tab is handy instead of browsing through all of the

The Favourites tab is handy instead of browsing through all of the


Additionally, you can click the three dots next to Restore Tabs to either add the tabs to your Edge bookmarks or share them with contacts or compatible apps ...


mac safari new private window

Drag a favicon to the Bookmarks Bar.

That doesn't mean that you need to lose what you have on the screen now to get it to work. Instead, open a new tab and then click on that new tab.

Handily, tabs are grouped according to the windows in which they are open, and each window group can be given its own name, which comes in handy if you have ...

iPad Safari New Tab


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Prevent Chrome from Accidentally closing using a Website.

Private Microsoft Edge Browser. If you share a ...


Safari toolbar customization options.

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If you've never used Edge before a handy link to import your favorites will appear the first time you open the browser.

Browsing Incognito in Chrome on Android Setting

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With this extension you can close and save tabs to reopen them later. Drag a tab from the sidebar to the Tab keeper shield icon to save it.

Tab Manager

Quickly save a session so you can get back to it later.


Better than bookmarks. Organize your browser tabs and access them quickly anywhere.

You can now customize Cliqz Tab.

Incognito Mode for All Your P0rn Needs

google chrome incognito. Chrome comes with a ...

While you won't be seeing major changes in the look and feel, the browser includes several improvements.

Microsoft Edge might tempt you to switch over from your current default web browser.

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Google Chrome - History shows open tabs

... and try out the handy 'Order Worksheet' (above) to help guide you through designing your own package! Browse my website tabs for all of the details you ...

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High Contrast Mode

Main Page

Torch Browser – Browser for torrent downloading

Although Microsoft Edge is the new default web browser on Windows 10, Internet Explorer continues to be available to offer compatibility support.

Every click of the OneTab button creates a new bundle. You can not only restore tab groups, but also name them, lock them, star them, and even share them as ...

You don't keep a bunch of TMO tabs open at once? I'm ashamed of you.

Browse Privately in a New Tab Instead of a New Window with Private Tab

sync bookmarks with TeamSync Bookmarks - view group. While a ...

Incognito mode doesn't protect your privacy and can let your boss see what you're browsing. '

Google Chrome sync settings

Pocket-lint Google Chrome tips and tricks: Master your web browser

Alternatively, click the “remove individual cookies” link. A window appears with a search field for locating a specific cookie, and a list of all cookies ...

Firefox Live Bookmarks

The Desktop Bookmarks folder contains any bookmarks you've used in the desktop version of Chrome, which is a handy way to import your computer's bookmarks.

Long press on Reader button

Right-click on any open tab and check out the options available to you.

Quick Tip: Tabs you restore will open next to the tabs already open on the browser. It's a good idea to close all the current web pages, before restoring a ...

In a quiet but not insignificant move, Google has changed the default way its Chrome browser handles tabs on Android phones. Since the arrival of Android ...

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Chrome Browser Privacy Settings

(2). Well behaved browser tabs ...

There's a handy option to open the Lynket settings from the menu, and if you're wondering about the new dark mode for articles, it does look quite good and ...

Tab Suspender for Chrome

Internet Explorer export bookmarks

ModernNewTabPage. While it lacks the actual tab ...

Opening Pages in Tabs

Setting Web Browser Privacy Tool on Android Device Settings

iPad Safari Show Favorites bar

Frequently visited websites in internet explorer step2

iCloud Tabs have been around for a while—they work on iOS 6 or later and OS X Mountain Lion or later—but they're worth revisiting if you're new to the ...

To get started, like all the rest, you simply install it from the Chrome Web Store and give it permission to access your data. Once given the green-light, ...

How to Add (and View) Firefox Bookmarks With Just One Click

Cookie juggling: With the advanced history settings enabled, you should see an option to toggle on/off “Accept cookies from sites.

You might have something specific in mind, such as wanting to change the new tab page, view tabs as a list, or put tabs to sleep when you aren't using them.


I personally enjoy using a customized self-hosted page that contains links to all the sites I frequently browse as my home and start page, so I've got that ...

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The browsing history options, shown here in Microsoft Edge, are usually easy to find.


Chrome settings

Pros: Bookmarks sync with desktop Chrome, as do passwords and open tabs between all devices. Chrome features omnibox search and URL entry, and the ability ...

Bookmarking a selected tab is no further than pressing Ctrl + D on your keyboard. A small pop up window will appear, from where you can type its name and ...

Browser tabs getting out of control? A simple right-click can really help

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Google Chrome

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Bookmarks Tab iOS 6 vs iOS 7 safari iOS 7 ushers in a ...

... the toolbar. Safari Customize Toolbar

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Syncing your favorite bookmarks on Samsung Internet mobile with Google Chrome browser for PC is done with ease via a handy new extension.


Where'd my Favorites go?

Step 2: Scroll down and click the “Advanced” link next to the down-arrow.

edge set tabs aside

If the icon isn't visible, you can bring it up by clicking on the Sign In… button under Preferences > Browser > Synchronization.

As of Firefox 57 AKA Firefox Quantum, the Firefox Multi-Account Containers extension (developed by Mozilla) will allow you to use multiple accounts on the ...

Add useful tools to the new tab page