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Long haired Dutch shepherd Dog t Dog

Long haired Dutch shepherd Dog t Dog


Dutch ...

It looks like a German shepherd crossed with an African wild dog. Absolutely beautiful

Above photo is a long haired Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd Dog near the fence photo

Any pictures of a long-haired blue DS?

Pallaton van 't Noorder Erf

Dutchie Dog. Long Haired Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd Dog / Hollandse Herder

Dutch Shepherd

dutch shepherd.. would love one if they weren't mals on crack. Dutch Shepherd DogShepherd PuppiesShort Haired ...

LongHaired. Longhaired. Puppy ...

Dutch Shepherd Dog Picture

Dutch Shepherd Dog Breed. Gold Brindle Long Haired Dutch Shepherd

Sofie, Dutch Shepherd dog

Longhaired Litter Announcement

RoughHaired. Rough Haired. Puppy ...


The German shepherd used to be the go-to police dog, but in recent years it is being gradually replaced by Belgian ...

Dutch Shepherd

Long haired Dutch shepherd · Dog ...

Long Hair Dutch Shepherd. Dog ...

Above is a Rough Haired Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd Colors | Saved by dogs: Continental Shepherds: Dutch Shepherds

Dutch Shepherds are a medium-sized dog with males averaging 24-26 inches and females 23-25 inches at the shoulder. They range in weight from 50 to 80 lbs.


Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd was discovered as a naturally occurring shepherd's dog type living in the rural areas of the large region that today includes The ...

Dutch Shepherd Dog Pictures

New LH puppy import

Dutch Shepherd Dog

Hollandse Herdershond (Dutch Shepherd Dog) long-haired gold-brindle

Originally used by shepherds in the Netherlands for all-around farm work, the Dutch Shepherd is an intelligent, highly trainable jack-of-all-trades.

silver long haired dutch shepherd

Bonny Dutch Shepherd puppy · Resting Dutch Shepherd Dog

... Dutch Shepherd Dog Breed Pictures ...

Dutch shepherd- they come long-haired, short-haired, and rough -coated

German/dutch Shepherd Puppy For Sale

Adult and Puppy ~ Shorthaired

Reliable, alert, intelligent, and intuitive, the Dutch Shepherd is loyal to his

Dutch Shepherd

Last week I adopted a Dutch Shepherd X ...

Hello from PA!

Dutch ...

A Brief History Of The Dutch Shepherd Dog

The Dutch Shepherd is a pleasure to train.

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Dutch Shepherd puppies for sale at Cher Car Kennels

Dutch Shepherd Dog Colors Gold Brindle

How Well Is Your Dutch Shepherd Groomed?

Black Dutch Shepherd Dog

Welcome to Aachen Dutch Shepherds

As with the Belgian Shepherd, the Dutch has varieties that are recognized based on their coat length: short haired, long haired, and rough or wired haired.

View Larger Image DUTCH SHEPHERD

RoughHaired. Rough Haired. Puppy ...

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Breed: Dutch Shepherd

LadyHayley du Bois des Mûres


Happy Workmate's Leo-Minor. Race: Dutch Shepherd; Variety: long-haired ...

Dutch Shepherd. Home /; Dog ...

Unlike the Belgian Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd has a brindle overcoat. The brindle color can be gold or silver shaded. The Dutch Shepherd may have a black ...

Gold Brindle Wirehaired Dutch Shepherd Puppy. Gold Brindle Dutch Shepherd


Rescuing this guy Tuesday(mix breed?)

Portrait of Dutch Shepherd Dog in outdoors.

Dutch Shepherd Dog Breed Information American Kennel Club Wall Dogs For

As you can see, she's got brown hair, some darker, some lighter... when the light shines on her in a particular way, she looks silver

Dutch Shepherd


About the Dutch Shepherd

Dutch Shepherd Large Photo

History of the Dutch Shepherd Protection Dog


Continental Shepherds: Dutch Shepherds

Brindle Dutch Shepherd.

Dutch Shepherd , Protection Dogs, By CCPD

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This cute little puppy will grow up to be a strong and sturdy Belgian Malinois.

Dutch Shepherd?

Lionheart Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds shared a post.

Memories of a Great Dog

dutch shepherd long hair longhair dslh


Unlike the Belgian Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd has a brindle overcoat. The brindle color can be gold or silver shaded. The Dutch Shepherd may have a black ...

Ziva, long-haired DS

Shorthair dutch shepherd dog

... Dutch Shepherd Dog Working Dogs For Sale Police Images Names Temperament Reliable Full ...

Living with a Dutch Shepherd

Puppy ~ Longhaired ~ Silver Brindle

Gold Brindle Wirehaired Dutch Shepherd Puppy

The Dutch Shepherd – Purebred

Dutch shepherd - Kiba grow up by Mamai ...