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I want this as a tattoo on over my heart for my daughter who has CHD

I want this as a tattoo on over my heart for my daughter who has CHD


I want this as a tattoo on over my heart for my daughter who has CHD

One of our heart moms recently got this tattoo of her little heart warriors actual EKG

My daughter has a chd called tetralogy of fallot. I had her ekg tattooed! The beat of her heart!

Tattoo - "psalm - "he heals the broken hearted, and he binds up their wounds". CHD awareness 1 in 100

CHD Awareness Tattoos.....I really like the idea of this tattoo

I want to get a tattoo like this for my daughter with CHD

My CHD tattoo honoring my warrior

For my daughter who had open heart surgery as a newborn.

My chd tattoo in honor of my son!

Tattoo in honor of Joelle and CHD awareness using Jo's actual heart rhythm.

CHD Ribbon | Let me see those tattoos!! - BabyCenter

Tattoos That Mean Survivor | deviantART: More Like Bastet Tattoo on Back by ~Vengekitty I like the font on this survivor, not the heart

Heart transplant tattoo for daughter xx

Something similar would be awesome for my day's CHD memorial/awareness tattoo

my congenital heart defect tattoo for my daughter and the new frame that I got in

I want this as a tattoo on over my heart for my daughter who has CHD | Chd | Pinterest | Tattoo and Tatting

I have a habit of wearing my heart on my sleeve

Heart and Sun Tattoo - The sun is for my 7 year old boy (he is my sunshine) and the heart is for my daughter (she has a congenital heart defect).

CHD tattoo

A tattoo I got for my mom, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. As long

Absolutely Beautiful, and so true! Love my girl so much!

Congenital heart defect · Warrior sounds soooo much better than Survivor. A Warrior fights, just like my daughter

that's me honoring my CHD warrior :) awareness

I want this as a tattoo on over my heart for my daughter who has CHD | CHD warriors | Pinterest | Tattoo and Tatting

CHD Warrior Embroidered Shirt - chd awareness week - CHD survivor - braveheart

Tattoo of Alis volat propriis "she flies with her own wings" & an anchor with my daughter and husbands name! Done by Rishab from Immortal Tattoos in ...

providing superhero capes to children born with congenital heart defects ( CHD).

“Heart on my sleeve :) the blue is for the best nephew in the

My CHD tattoo for my son, Jason (other.wrote) This is like what i was talking.about earlier! for Alaina

Need a cure for this terrible heart defect

Congenital heart defect · Faith Alexis is my hero, my inspiration, my everything I need to get through

Heart mom #chd

Anatomically correct heart tattoo I got for my son who has Tetrology of Fallot,Pulmonary

We found out when Rece was 2 days old and now we are preparing for his upcoming surgery, this brought tears to my eyes!


Even though my heart kid was - he has made me a better parent.

Inspiration to help design my tattoo in honor of my brother

Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week Feb My girl is a fighter!

Mine and my wife's matching tattoos. This is an actual EKG of our actuak heart

I am a Heart Mom. February is CHD (congenital heart disease) awareness month. In honor and in loving memory of my daughter Annette!

This is my tattoo. I'm in love with it. The date is

She wore a zipper scar. Find this Pin and more on congenital heart disease by ...

I like it in color, as opposed to the black and white ones I keep seeing.

I am the PROUD Mom of 2 CHD kids - my son Matthew years) and my daughter Marissa months)

My daughter Macy ❤️

How The 'Instagram For Doctors' Is Changing How Patients See Specialists. Medical TerminologyChd AwarenessHeart ...

sadly my precious beautiful lil courageous strong warrior princess C'aira lost her life long battle with congenital heart disease (HLHS) after 6 years.

Congenital heart disease tattoo in honor of my fam!

The Pediatric Congenital Heart Association (PCHA) and Dr. Aaron Kay, Director of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program at Indiana University Health, ...

Heart Dad CHD Awareness Decal on Etsy, $5.00

Broken hearts are the biggest hearts <3 CHD Awareness <3

My Tribute Tattoo to my Heart Warrior Ella, for my B-day.o antebrazo?

I love my heart warrior

CHD -- Help me stay healthy, My heart is fragile. During this flu

on my inner left elbow, and it reads 'Just hang in there, Finn.' The paper below it in this image is a letter my younger sister sent me at a time ...

Hubby's CHD tattoo for our heart warrior done by Steve Teft before he won Ink master


Not very fond of the placement since we both have wrist tats, but I'd get this if my sis did.

My daughter was born with a rare heart defect. Hypo plastic right ventricle. She has had 3 open heart surgeries to correct it. The Fontan.

Heart Mom Poem

Letter to the mom sitting across from me. A heartfelt letter to a fellow medical mom. As we raise our special needs kids we will find a common bond like ...

Heart in hands tat

Brady- my heart hero

CHD-Congenital Heart Defect with cancer ribbon in middle instead

For my CHD fighter and many others ❤

CHD Awareness

This Girl's Heartbreaking Tattoo in Memory of Her Mom Will Make You Tear Up: Twenty-two-year old Taylor lost her mom too soon, but she's keeping her love ...

I'm proud to be a HEART MOM Lenora has been through so much. She did get a heart transplant. I could not be more proud of my hero, Alexis, HLHS, ...

Correction: My Children were born with Broken Hearts

Obviously not nails, but I posted this on my IG account and wanted to share it here too for CHD Awareness Week This is my son, Izaak, born with critical ...

My heart hero----my sweet daughter!

My second tattoo.. For my father and heart disease awareness.

Heart Momma and proud to be! Love my fighting girl!

Four years of being a heart family

Why I Decided to Have Another Baby After my Heart Warrior

My CHD tattoo My sons heart rhythm and birth stone but I

In some cases it may be important to consider getting a medical bracelet for your loved one in case of emergency.

This is an original design done by Rebecca Hooper on The client lost her 9 day old baby to a congenital heart defect. The blue and the red in the wings that ...

I am raising money for kids with heart problems. My team is called The Ria Roos after my daughter who was born with a heart problem.

Whether they need antibiotics before dentist, tattoos, piercings and similar procedures. Although endocarditis is rare, the consequences ...

List of Patron Saints for Moms

I always wanted to cover my open heart surgery scar....my amazing

CHD Awareness ❤ for my daughter, my Hero! I love her dearly.


For example, it is very helpful to know what kind of artificial valve, as well as what size of valve, was implanted. It can help a CHD physician understand ...

These are some of the questions we've collected from our CHD patient-nurse sessions at the CCHA Beat Retreat camp. We'll be adding to this section as time ...

Heart Strings Announcements & Gifts: Have A Heart

Alabama CHD Week Proclamation for 2012

The Surprisingly Common World of Congenital Heart Defect [INFOGRAPHIC] . somewhat good but also saw that it had some mistakes (like not suggested atrial ...

Today is February and that means it is the first day of "Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week".

My beautiful new wrist tattoos signifying the two most meaningful parts of my life, becoming a mother, and breastfeeding my babies. Two pink hearts ...

There is no cure for Type 1 Diabetes.but I have faith and pray daily that there…

Ms Clarke got a tattoo in memory of her baby boy, showing Nate's actual heart

Meet someone face to face with my heart condition- hypoplastic left heart syndrome <3

Beauty in the brokenness necklace, Lisa Leonard Designs

Need to get one of these Brady HLHS. Find this Pin and more on CHD by ...

Sharing some of the things I've been doing to help prepare my daughter for

Chd awareness tree