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1934 photo of a tattoo artist at work in Baltimore Maryland by world

1934 photo of a tattoo artist at work in Baltimore Maryland by world


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Find this Pin and more on Inked Chicks by Vicki Gruber.


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Shige - Master Japanese tattoo artist at work

Mrs John Conway of the Bronx, whose designs are on exhibition at the Harlem museum, was tattooed by her husband in 1926

Tattoo artist Charles "Red" Gibbons inking a woman's Social Security number onto her thigh

Close up of a tattoo artist tattooing on a womans arm by kkgas | Stocksy United

Sailor tattooed by Percy Water, tattoo artist

Watch the Oldest Hand-Tap Tattoo Artist in the Philippines at Work

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Tatto Art

Ethel Martin Vangi, aka Lady Viola, born in March was one of those circus troopers causing a stir in the tattoo world and the outdoor amusement business.

Bob Shaw.

Captain Elvy with tattoos by the legendary tattoo artist, Sailor George,

While working as a domestic servant in Spokane, Washington she met the tattoo artist Charles "Red" Gibbons. They married in Spokane in 19

Professional Tattoo Artist At Work Stock Photo - Image: 58073955

1967 UK tattoo shop

Charlie Wagner tattoos the shoulder of his brother Stephan Wagner during the

French tattoos 1934

japanese samurai tattoos also firemen in Japan were tattooed years ago. They were not stalkers.

vintagegal: “ Bob Shaw tattooed by Bert Grimm in the Shaw and his family went on to buy and run The “World Famous Bert Grimms Tattoo Studio” in Long Beach, ...

1910 Germany - Florida Idona full body tattoo

Bowery tattoo artist Millie Hull shows off her many tattoos in this picture from the 1930's

Artoria Gibbons July, 16 1893 - Mar, 18 1985 Sideshow World, Sideshow Performers from around the world.

Randy Webb may have been a stumbling, sepsis spreading ass y the time he appeared as the antagonist in Phil Sparrow's Bad Boys and Tough Tattoos, ...

“Cap” Coleman at work at his tattoo parlor in Norfolk, Virginia, 1930's

Remember when this was considered excessive Tattoos?

An Unidentified Japanese Tattoo Artist Works on a Woman's Backside Lámina fotográfica en AllPosters.

Amazing Historical Tattoo Photos From Taschen's 25th Anniversary Edition of '1000 Tattoos'

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Former USCG in WW2, and world class piercer and tattooer, Sailor Sid Diller.

Leaps and bounds: Tattoo artist Megan Massacre started in the industry at 18, and

1899 Man with Full Body Tattoo

Mark Mahoney doing work on Danny Trejo #blackngrey

Lyle Tuttle - The Legendary Tattoo Artist

Vintage Tattoos

Woman covered from head to toe in huge intricate tribal tattoo

Look! NOW! It's Tex Rowe, who tattooed, had a gun store in

Tattooed Lady Maud Arizona

Bert Grimm Back Piece

From Amsterdam Tattoo Museum.

A Paramount Picture, 1934 Reginald Marsh (American, 1898-1954) tempera on Masonite

Why are tattoos still such a popular form of art?

Fred Marquand, nearly unknown tattoo artist from the Pacific North West.

Sailor Larry by Bert Grimm tattoo artist

1946 Tokyo Japan- Tattoo artist works on the back of a woman

Paul Booth (tattoo artist) - Image: Paulbooth 2

Louay Kayali -Syrian Artist (1934 - 1979 )


1915 photo of tattoo artists Mildred Hull, Charles Wagner and Jean Furella Carrol Source :

Grimm himself

Margaret Bourke-White took this amazing picture entitled Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland

Worlds Best Tattooist: Bert Grimm Vintage American Tattoos

Louay Kayali -Syrian Artist (1934 - 1979 )

Anon., hôpital Saint-Pothin, 19 janvier 1934,

Three great tattoo artists in 1956. Pictured are Paul Rogers, Les Skuse and Huck

Irezumi - Tattoo artist working on a body suit

Sideshow World, Sideshow Performers from around the world, Freak, Central,.

Ethel Martin Vangi, aka Lady Viola, born in March was one of those circus troopers causing a stir in the tattoo world and the outdoor amusement business.

Lyle Tuttle - Image: Lyletuttletattooarti st

This work was created by tattoo artist Chris Chubbuck of Venom Ink Tattoo in Sanford, Maine. Photo via Tattoos in Flight “

Manu Farrarons - Flowing feminine freehand tattoo by Manu Farrarons

Loving the book the Secret Historian, bio of writer, teacher, tattoo artist, Samuel Steward

Betty Broadbent, tattooed lady circus exhibit in the

Dotty Jensen, Tattoo Artist

Manu Farrarons - Manu Farrarons

Dog Portrait Tattoo done by Dave Wah at Stay Humble Tattoo, Baltimore, Maryland

vintage everyday: 39 Gorgeous Vintage Photos of Tattooed Ladies in the Late and Early Centuries

Not a huge fan of butterfly tattoos usually but these are very pretty

George Burchett, tattooist, cigarette card

Tattooed Man Flash Art by Larry Mora

Detroit Tigers

NYC Bowery tattoo shop storefront in the late 1910's.

Manu Farrarons - "Ocean Spirit" Full back by Manu Farrarons

tattoo impossible / penrose triangle first created by the Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934.

Louay Kayali -Syrian Artist (1934 - 1979 )

I´ll make myself a photo to show the world ma tatoos. The next

Louay Kayali -Syrian Artist (1934 - 1979 )

BEN CORDAY - TATTOO ARTIST loscotalostattoos

hockey-teeth: Photo of Tommy Stephen's tattoos by Bert Grimm from the Guinness Book,


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Burlesque stripper Blaze Starr standing in front of her marquee at the 2 O' clock Club.

Edgar Allan Poe tattoo, done in Baltimore, Maryland at Stone House tattoo by Don

Silesia, The Doll (Self-Portrait with the Doll) [Die Puppe (Selbstporträt mit der Puppe)], 1934

Pablo Gargallo (1881 - 1934)

Thomas Barlow (T.B.) Walker worked his way through school and into Minnesota's lumber industry

Louay Kayali -Syrian Artist (1934 - 1979 )

Great inspiration for an Eagle Scout tattoo. Still planing mine.

Manu Farrarons - Leg tattooed by Manu Farrarons. Freehand

Frank Owen Salisbury

Chicagoland Road Map - 1934 #map #chicago


Picasso´s Studio, Paris, 1934 - Damian Elwes

Battle of Gettysburg map done a few months back. Thanks again Gary!! Did

It's a common practice for those in the armed forces to permanently commemorate their service in the form of a tattoo. Just as sailors collected tattoos for ...

surlyburly: 1934 World Series program

Untitled - Louay Kayali